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ADCC-enhanced Antibody Platform

Our ADCC-enhanced antibody platform is one of the leading platforms in the world to enhance NK-cell function through antibody glycosylation modification. It is also the only domestically-developed and clinically-validated antibody glycosylation modification platform with GMP manufacturability in China. We are developing three clinical-stage antibody drug candidates using this platform, including MIL62, MIL93 and MBS301.

Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) is an innate immune mechanism through which FcγRIIIa-bearing NK cells can recognize and kill target cells expressing tumoror pathogen-derived antigens on their surface. Our ADCC-enhanced antibody platform has been developed with the goal of enhancing the potency of antibodies to bind to Fc receptor and can greatly improve ADCC effect. As depicted in figure below, fucose is a barrier for the interaction between antibody and FcγRIIIa expressed on NK cells, and the uniquely designed antibodies with fucose knocking-out developed by our platform have higher binding affinity and stability to the FcγRIIIa. This mechanism significantly increases antibodies’ ADCC effects and therapeutical efficiency.

Our ADCC-enhanced antibody platform is developed by knocking out the GFT (GDP-Fucose Transporter) protein in CHOK1 cells using zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) technology to create CHOK1-AF cells. With such platform, we are able to produce antibodies with more than 98% fucose knocked out. Despite the modification of the glycosylation pattern, our platform delivers antibodies with low immunogenicity, high product homogeneity and high productivity, by leveraging our minimal change in Fc, knock-out stable cell lines and characterized CMC optimization.

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